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Our Staff

Pterra is comprised of a committed and dedicated group of professionals. Each of our principals have extensive experience in the power industry and have leading technical roles in their fields of specialization in electric power. In addition. Pterra staffs projects with capable technical personnel of proven skills and commitment.

Ric Austria

Executive Principal, Pterra founder

Mr. Austria is a founder of Pterra, LLC.  He has over 39 years’ experience in electric power transmission planning, operations, voltage simulation and analysis, design and engineering, and brings this knowledge to help clients worldwide in the power industry. He is a renowned expert in the specialized fields of system reliability, transmission and distribution planning, integration of new technologies and system analysis. …

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Ramon Tapia

Managing Principal, Pterra founder

Mr. Tapia is a founding member of Pterra, LLC. He has 44 years of experience in transmission planning and operations. He has led and conducted transmission and distribution studies nationwide and overseas to assist Transmission/Distribution Owners and ISOs/DSOs to develop sound solutions for the planning and operation of their power systems. ….

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Ketut Dartawan

Managing Principal, Pterra Founder

Ketut Dartawan is Cofounder and Managing Principal of Pterra Consulting. He has 25 years of experience in electric power system, where he is engaged in research projects and a wide range of system studies in transmission, distribution, and interconnection of distributed energy resources (DER). He has helped clients to connect more than 1,000 MW of renewable energy and over 5,000 MW of nuclear, combined cycle power plants, …

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Mario Infantado

Principal Consultant, Pterra Partner

Mr. Infantado is a partner of Pterra, LLC who has over 25 years of experience in electric power system studies and operations. He has been involved in transmission and distribution studies for transmission and generation interconnection projects, conducting load flow analysis, dynamic stability simulation, short circuit analysis, harmonics analysis, and thermal and voltage transfer analyses to analyze operating limits and transfer capabilities of existing power grids. …

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Francis Luces

Principal Consultant and Engineering Manager

Francis Luces is a Consultant with Pterra LLC focusing on the analysis, control, and design of electric power systemsHe has performed studies of generator siting and interconnectionstransmission planning, system stabilityelectrical transients, and dynamic model validations for legacy and advanced power plants. He has also participated on many studies dealing with the technical aspects of interconnection of solar photovoltaics, land-based and offshore wind farms, and battery energy storage systems (BESS).

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Cherry Mae Bautista

Senior Consultant

Ms. Bautista is a Power System Consultant who has engaged in different projects involving analytical studies mostly for the transmission and distribution planning sector. She is experienced with varied transmission studies including, but not limited to, network studies, site technical assessment, and interconnection studies for new generation, transmission systems or power system expansion …

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Ted Christopher Garcia

Senior Consultant

Mr. Garcia is a Power System Engineer with sound experience in voltage simulation, dynamic modelling, and transmission studies to assist power industry players to develop optimal solutions for the planning of their interconnected power system network. …

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Peter Tumolva

Power System Consultant

Peter Rey Tumolva is a Power System Consultant with Pterra Philippines Inc. who focuses on electric power systems analysis. He has taken part in conducting studies of generator interconnection and transmission planning. He is proficient in using analytical simulation software such as PSS/E and TARA for power flow, contingency, and transfer analysis.

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More of Our Team:

  • Dr. Moises Gutierrez
  • Anthony Austria
  • Wit Lastiani
  • Claudett Padilla
  • Carolyn Steuhl
  • Ryan Villajuan
  • Hannah Infantado
  • Andrew Austria
  • Mariz Ponce
  • Carla Sajines Padilla
  • Dana Infantado
  • Istan Slamet
  • Sharmaine Abigail Marquez
  • Sharlene Ann Marquez

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